Judahlicious (3906 Judah St, San Francisco, CA)

Located in the Outer Sunset, blocks away from Ocean Beach, Judahlicious is great for those who are looking to eat healthy while still having delicious food.

There are many options to choose from ranging from smoothies to dinners. My favorite time of day to go is in the morning, and I would consider this more of a breakfast or mid-afternoon snack place rather than a place to grab a full-size meal, even though it is open until 7pm.

Because this place is mostly vegan and vegetarian, the dinner meals sound a little intimidating for a non-vegan or vegetarian or someone who has little experience eating so healthy and raw. For example, they have zucchini noodles instead of pasta and tacos with sunflower.

Even though I cannot recommend the full-size meals, I highly recommend their snack foods. My absolute favorite item on the menu is the acai bowl, which I believe is their best seller. It is described on their menu as “Brazilian acai, OJ, bananas, & blueberries, blended into a sorbet & topped w/ organic pumpkin flax granola & fresh banana slices.”, which to me means basically heaven. You can add toppings to the acai bowl for a boost for an additional cost, such as peanut butter, strawberries, goji berries, or mango. These toppings are worth the price and make the bowl much more enjoyable. This acai bowl fills you up as well for around $9, which is not too bad in pricy San Francisco.

Their smoothies are also very delicious and you can’t go wrong with any of them. My personal favorite is the Double Overhead which is orange juice, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, and nonfat frozen yogurt. For a less fruity smoothie, try the Velvet which is organic peanut butter, banana, & non-fat frozen yogurt.

At the counter, they display house made vegan treats that resemble brownies, cheesecakes, and chocolates. I was reluctant to try these, but they are very flavorful and you forget that they are dairy-free.

I love this restaurant not only for the food, but for the location and atmosphere. The place has a very laid-back, hipster vibe with natural furniture pieces like wood for decoration. I do not eat inside because even though it is usually freezing outside, you can see the ocean while you enjoy a classic acai bowl.


Smoothies from Judahlicious. (creds: @fuudgram)


Acai Bowl with strawberries and peanut butter from Judahlicious (creds: @fuudgram)


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