How To See Disneyland In One Day

IMG_8961.JPGIn this post, you will learn how to explore and enjoy Disneyland in one day. This is perfect for those who do not have the time and or money to go to Disneyland for a long period of time. Disneyland is a very big and overwhelming place, and with this guide you will be equipped with tips on how to get the best experience in one day.

Step 1: Buy a one-day park hopper.

This is a standard ticket that lets you travel both Disneyland and California Adventure. The price on how much a ticket costs depends on the busyness of the season that you pick to go. For example, it is cheaper to go in September than in December, so keep that in mind when deciding what date to pick. You can purchase tickets online at

Step 2: Plan your trip.

Know what you want to do before you get to the park. You can check out maps of the park online beforehand to see exactly what way to walk in order to be most efficient. There are some must-see attractions and rides like the classic Pirates of The Caribbean and California Screamin’, but you should decide what you are most excited to see and plan a route that makes sense to where the rides are. Make sure to take photos at the best spots like Cinderella’s Castle, so you can keep the memory with you! (above you can see an example of one I took!)

Step 3: Prepare for a long day.

To get the most out of Disneyland, you should arrive at the park when it opens and leave when it closes. Depending on the day, this can mean twelve hours. You should be prepared for this by bringing water, weather-dependent gear (umbrella or sunglasses) snacks, sunscreen, and shoes that are comfortable to walk in. You want to be as comfortable as possible while exploring disneyland and once you enter the park you cannot leave so make sure not to forget anything!

Step 4: Avoid long lines.

When getting in line for rides, separate from your group (if you’re not with children) and go into the single rider line instead. This has you ride with strangers, but the wait time is much shorter. You should do this for rides that continuously have long lines, but for rides like Splash Mountain, you should go with your group because there is a photo at the end. You should also go to a ride with a long line and get a fastpass that tells you when to go back to a separate, shorter line. Another way to avoid the line is to download the Disneyland Wait Times App which tells you how long the lines are.

Step 6: Know where to shop.

Do not spend too much time shopping. At Downtown Disney, you can find a wide variety of souvenirs that will satisfy your shopping needs, so you do not have to search for what you want at the stores around the park (unless you want to).

Step 7: Have fun at the happiest place on Earth!




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