Blue Barn (Multiple locations throughout the Bay Area)

This next restaurant lives up to it’s name; as you enter, you are literally walking into a blue painted, barn shaped building. Not only does the outside have a barn-like atmosphere, but the inside does as well: wood decorations and tables, Einstein lightbulbs, and mason jars for glasses. In addition to the homestyle decor, the food is as well. You can choose from an array of comfort food that tastes like homemade heaven.

There are four locations of Blue Barn in San Francisco and Marin, and they each have slightly different menus; some offer fried chicken and frozen dairy treats, while others do not. They all do have the same basic salad and sandwich menu.

My personal favorite is their turkey sandwich which is described on their sandwich menu as “roasted turkey breast, goat cheese, sundried tomato, watercress, & kale-almond pesto on a ciabatta roll”. I am a huge fan of turkey sandwiches, and this one may be my favorite. It has an unexpected tanginess to it from the pesto and goat cheese that makes your mouth water with delight. I either order this with a side of fresh greens, or shoestring french fries. These have an additional cost, but it turns the sandwich into a delightful meal.

I also recommend their grilled cheeses. They take a little longer to make, but are worth the wait. They’re the perfect combination of warm, buttery, cheesy goodness that will make homemade grilled cheeses seem inadequate.

For a great end to the perfect meal, if the location has the dairy menu, you should get a soft serve. Like Java Beach, they use a local creamery, Double Eight, which is located in Petaluma, a town close to the Bay Area. They have suggested pairings with many toppings, shakes, floats, or you can be creative and create your own. This ice cream does not disappoint. 

I have been to two of the four locations (Marin and Chestnut Street), and a piece of advice I have for those planning to dine inside is to not expect to find seating because both locations are extremely small and crowded.


Turkey sandwich at the Palace of Fine Arts


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