Sol Food (Two locations in Marin)

Sol Food does not only satisfy your stomach, but also your sol. It has puerto rican cuisine that makes you feel like you were transported with their authentic atmosphere of bright colors and loud music and flavors of spice and richness in every bite.

It is in an unexpected area, Marin, when you think it would belong in San Francisco; it adds a bit of diversity to the Marin scene and dining options. Even though it is unexpected, it is a mega popular restaurant. Almost everyone I know from the Bay Area has their eyes widen with excitement if you mention Sol Food to them: they love it.

It is opened for all three meals, and although I’ve never ordered off of their “desayuno” menu, I heard it is worth trying.

My personal favorite (for lunch or dinner) is their Sandwich de Pollo which is described as “Baked chicken, ham, sauteed onions, tomato, organic greens, Swiss cheese and cilantro-lime mayonnaise on French bread”. For less than 11 dollars, this sandwich fills you up with rich meats and flavors that will leave you speechless.

Even though I swear by this sandwich, most of my friends believe that their Bistec Sandwich is superior. Described as “Thinly sliced steak and sauteed onions, avocado, Swiss cheese and  garlic mayonnaise on French bread”, this is perfect for avocado lovers and anyone who loves a great meal.

 Of course, to complete the meal, you have to get their fried plantations or their french fries as a side. Either (or both!) of these make the meal so much more rich and enjoyable tasting fresh, authentic, and nothing you can get anywhere else in Marin.

To wash down all of these amazing flavors, try their juices, lemonade, or iced tea. All of these are made in house with fresh ingredients that you can see throughout the restaurant. The menu is so much bigger than described here as I have only tried a fraction of what they have to offer, so I encourage you to try something new as well!


Sandwich De Pollo


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