Tpumps (4 Locations in the Bay Area)

Tpumps is a tea store that specializes in custom bubble tea drinks. It started in San Mateo, a suburb about twenty minutes away from San Francisco and has expanded all over the Bay Area and into Los Angeles. When someone goes to Tpumps for the first time it can be overwhelming because the menu is so vast and has countless combinations to choose from.

The line is usually long because it is so popular, especially at the location in the Sunset District in San Francisco, but they offer a sample of one of their favorite combinations for customers to try as they wait and decide on their order. I love this because not only does it make the wait more enjoyable, it has lead me to try flavors outside of my comfort zone that have turned into my favorites!

The first thing someone must do is to decide what size they want (24oz or 320z) and if they want their tea hot or iced. I personally recommend getting an iced tea for the classic experience mostly because I have never seen anyone get a hot tea.

Then, they must choose up to three flavors of the 35 offered to create their flavor of their green or black tea. This is the hardest part of the whole process because you want to pick flavors that compliment one another. My personal favorite and one that is even advertised as a customer favorite, is their passion fruit, tangerine, guava, that is created to recreate the Hawaiian juice, Passion Orange Guava (otherwise known as POG). This transports me back to Hawaii and fills me with fond memories- it’s basically a tropical getaway in a cup!

After you decide your flavor(s), you can add milk to the tea for a creamier taste for no extra charge.

Next, you decide how sweet you want your tea (no sweet, light, normal, or very).

Finally, you choose what topping (or toppings for an extra charge) you want. Toppings include honey boba, red bean, taro, or popping boba. My favorite is the popping boba that includes an extra flavor explosion when you bite into it!

You really cannot go wrong as the store has a policy to remake your drink for any reason until you are satisfied, so t pump it up!


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