Original Joe’s Westlake (11 Glenwood Ave, Daly City, CA)

Originally opened in 1956, Joe’s of Westlake was a stable of Daly City, but in 2014, Joe’s was closed for two years. It was sold, completely remodeled, reintroduced as Original Joe’s Westlake, and it opened again in 2016. Everyone was very excited to see the new and improved Joe’s, with waits for over an two hours in the first few months within opening. With the complete remodel, fans were nervous to see if they changed the menu from the classic Italian-American dishes, but the owners kept the favorites on the menu while creating amazing additions as well. The owners managed to give Joe’s a more modern vibe while maintaining the same classic atmosphere.

When I went to Joe’s for the first time after the remodel, I was excited to try their bread (which comes as a free starter when you wait for their meal) to see if it was the same, fresh bread that they used to serve. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was, but served with a creamier butter than before. This to me was a great first impression because it proved to me that Joe’s kept the classics and improved them to completely satisfy old and new fans.

Since my first visit, I have been to Joe’s many times to the point where I have tried every pasta on their menu. I am a huge pasta lover, and none of Joe’s pastas are disappointing. The pasta is perfectly cooked al-dente and accompanies the flavor of the sauce that it comes with. Out of all nine of the pastas, I believe that they each are very well made, but my two favorites are the Shrimp Scampi with Linguine and the Spaghetti Carbonara. The Shrimp Scampi with Linguine not only has perfectly tender pasta and shrimp, but it also has a nice unexpected kick of pepper with it that leaves you wanting more. The Spaghetti Carbonara is very rich and creamy and filled with pancetta, making it irresistibly delicious. Their plates are so big that you are able to take them home and make them for another meal, which is another huge bonus.


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